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== WebGPU 2022-04-29 ==
(Note: The WebGPU spec [transitioned to FPWD](https://github.com/w3c/transitions/issues/333) a little while ago, but we wouldn't consider a transition to CR imminent, so this seemed like the better template. Happy to accommodate any additional information that's requested!)

- Spec to be reviewed: **WebGPU**
- URL of spec (Editor's Draft): https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/
  - [Privacy Considerations section](https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/#privacy-considerations)
  - [Security Considerations section](https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/#security-considerations)
- We don't have a specific date required for a reply, but browser vendors would like to ship the feature later this year. 
- [Privacy and Security self-review](https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/explainer/#questionnaire) is available in the explainer.
- Please [file issues with the spec repo](https://github.com/gpuweb/gpuweb/issues). Either separate or bulk issues are acceptable.
- Supplementary documents:
  - [Spec explainer](https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/explainer/)
  - [Various design docs](https://github.com/gpuweb/gpuweb/tree/main/design)

Other comments:
- The design for the in-progress Adapter Identifiers portion of the API is likely of special interest to the PING, and we would appreciate feedback on it at an earlier stage than usual as a result.
  - [Adapter Identifier Design Doc](https://github.com/gpuweb/gpuweb/blob/main/design/AdapterIdentifiers.md)
  - [Spec pull request](https://github.com/gpuweb/gpuweb/pull/2660) (Open at the time this review was requested)
- The WGSL shading language, which has [it's own spec.](https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/wgsl/), is a critical part of WebGPU. The security and privacy considerations for both specs are addressed in the primary WebGPU spec, linked above.

See https://github.com/w3cping/privacy-request/issues/85

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