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[Minutes] EPUB + PING joint meeting at TPAC '21

[PING] agenda for 18 November 2021 UTC 17

[PING] agenda for 21 October 2021 UTC 16

[PING] agenda for 4 November 2021 - note time of call in CET

[PING] Agenda for 7 October 2021 at UTC 16

[PING] More information about TPAC

[PING] no call - Thursday 2 December 2021

[PING] no call on Thursday 16 December 2021

[PING] TPAC privacy and security related meetings

[privacy-request] Issue: IMSC-HRM 2021-12-07 (#65) marked as REVIEW REQUESTED

[privacy-request] Issue: Incremental Font Transfer 2021-11-10 (#61) marked as REVIEW REQUESTED

Call for chair nominations

EMV versus SPC from a privacy perspective

Event Canceled: Privacy Interest Group (PING) meeting

External privacy analysis of SPC

privacy review notes on EPUB 3.3

SPC Privacy Links

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