CfC to publish Geolocation API Candidate Recommendation - review by 26 Aug 2021


This is a Call for Consensus to publish the Geolocation API as a Candidate Recommendation (CR).

Please review the latest Working Draft [1] and reply to by 26 August 2021 if you have any concerns with this publication plan. 

Silence is considered consent.

Since the First Public Working Draft (FPWD) published 27 May 2021, the API has received the following normative changes:

• Return 0 when watchPosition() errors #100
• Callback with error if doc is not fully active #97
• Gracefully handle documents that are not fully active #90
• Add "geolocation task queue" #87

For details, please refer to the change log [2].

The spec has received wide review [3] at FPWD time. (The above-mentioned normative changes since FPWD are implementation details that bring the spec inline with implementations and don't change or invalidate the wide reviews received at FPWD time.)

The rationale for the rapid progression along the Rec Track is to update the outdated 7 Sep 2010 CR of this API by modernizing it to the extend possible while retaining compatibility with existing implementations.


-Anssi (DAS WG co-chair)




Received on Thursday, 12 August 2021 15:32:33 UTC