Re: Initial Accessibility related review of Privacy Threat Model spec

Hi Pete,
> Just wanted to second Christine on this, and say thank you very much for taking the time to go through the document!
No worries at all, I'm very glad the feedback is useful.
> The document is still very under-development, but once its in a more-final-form, would you be available to talk with us for 30min sometime, both to make sure the document includes more of your expertise, and to make sure the privacy model we’re forming around doesn’t rule out / make unnecessarily-difficult accessibility features.
I would be happy to join any related calls that you think touch on 
accessibility issues - if you are not sure, please just ask! I'm also 
happy to help/input to its development over the coming weeks, as this 
could avoid any gotchas that may get baked in without any accessibility 
related input or oversight.

If possible I will hop on this Thursdays call, if that's ok. Within the 
broader context of the APAs work this space is now well on our radar!


Emerging Web Technology Specialist/Accessibility (WAI/W3C)

Received on Monday, 20 January 2020 11:15:50 UTC