Re: Proposed W3C Charter: Privacy Interest Group (PING) (until 2019-08-04)

Hi Nick

> Jeffrey's proposal can be a good starting point for that, certainly, but I
> think this should work like the TAG's Design Principles - it's a living
> guidance document, and it should make it clear what is being assessed by
> the PING review process.  If new types of privacy concerns arise, they
> should be added to the document.
> +1 for keeping such documents regularly updated. I believe that’s also a
> motivation behind the existing "Self-Review Questionnaire: Security and
> Privacy” doc (also published by the TAG) including a final question to
> users about what updates would be helpful.

Thanks for flagging it. Indeed that was among the goals of this question.
At the same time I wonder if on some occasions it would not be useful to
understand it as "we feel that our particular API is a special case and
gives rise to these additional issues that we would like to flag...". So
for example years ago that would be the case of sensors.


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