[w3cping/tracking-issues] WebAudio API: re-review requested (#13) (fwd)

The Audio WG requests a re-review.  They offered that they're meeting 
tomorrow morning and, if we prefer to meet them in person, they're 
available then.  (I'm not available.)

-- Sam

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Subject: [w3cping/tracking-issues] WebAudio API: re-review requested (#13)

Audio WG requests privacy re-review of the Web Audio API. This specification
has already had a round of Privacy review; however we are readying an
updated CR, and would like to be sure that the changes since the 18
September 2018 CR do not introduce any new privacy concerns.

The changes are primarily clarifications and bugfixes; no new features have
been added since the previous CR.

The Security and Privacy Considerations from the last review remains

We are happy to visit you in in Yoh, 3F for a brief meeting at TPAC, if any
issues are noticed (we are in Kashi, 1F). Alternatively, if you agree that
the changes are all minor and don't introduce any new privacy issues, please
feel free to close this issue so we can reference it in our CR transition

Many thanks!

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