Re: Privacy HR requested for JSON-LD 1.1 Syntax, API and Framing

Dear Pete, all,

Please find below the WG's responses to the questions.  Any errors are
certainly mine in the summarization of the discussion.


   The API is intended to be used by javascript applications running in the
   browser only, rather than by the browser itself. It provides structured
   data to the application to process and act upon, rather than performing any
   function or service. There isn't a model for how a data block in a web page
   interacts with the HTML or DOM, nor are we chartered to work on this.

   The endpoints are only interacted with via Fetch, XHR or similar
   existing browser-side APIs available to page-level javascript. Thus the
   information sent to the endpoint is exactly the same as for any API
   available via HTTP. For the document loader, the expectation is that the
   code will perform an HTTP GET request for the document. We only describe
   the behavior of a conforming product once that document has been retrieved.

   As the specification is for use within the application layer, rather
   than the browser directly, there isn't an intent for browsers to implement
   this natively. However, it is our understanding that Google have
   implemented a JSON-LD processor in Lighthouse (, which powers the
   Audits panel of the devtools package in Chrome. There are multiple
   implementations of the specification outside of browser-space, in multiple

   The context URL is simply more JSON data ... or actually meta-data, as
   it describes how a conforming processor should transform the instance data
   into the RDF data model. As such, it uses the same methods as above, and as
   are already implemented by browser, with the existing privacy

Hope that helps fill in the gaps!


On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 8:55 AM Robert Sanderson <>

> Thanks Pete!
> We'll discuss in our call this morning, and I'll collate the answers.
> Rob
> On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 11:17 AM Pete Snyder <> wrote:
>> Hi Robert,
>> Thanks for reaching out on this.  I the three documents you sent over a
>> couple of close reads, but I still am not clear on a couple of
>> privacy-relevant issues.  I was hoping you could clarify the following
>> issues.  If it’d be better to discuss too, we could also schedule a call
>> with all of PING, but that would have to wait until the next PING call (in
>> ~2.5 weeks) and I imagine you’d like to move faster than that :)
>> 1) I don’t see a point where the described API touches the Web API.  How
>> is this intended to be used by applications running in the browser?
>> 2) What privacy relevant information is sent with calls to the
>> [documentLoader](
>> end point?  Cookies or similar?  If so, pulled from what origin (and single
>> or double keyed), etc?  In general more explanation of how this interacts
>> with the browser is needed.
>> 3) If this is intended to be implanted in browsers, have any vendors
>> implemented it?  Generally W3C prefers at least two independent
>> implementations of functionality before standardizing / recommending.
>> 4) How does the contextUrl interact with other URL / origin specific
>> privacy features in the browser (same origin policy, CORS, etc?)
>> Thanks much!
>> Pete Snyder
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>> Brave Software
>> Privacy Researcher
>> > On Jun 19, 2019, at 1:11 PM, Robert Sanderson <>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > Dear Privacy folks,
>> >
>> > The JSON-LD WG hopes to move to CR about the time of TPAC or shortly
>> thereafter.  Our working drafts are stabilizing but not 100% complete at
>> this time.
>> >
>> > We would very much like to schedule a privacy review with you. We would
>> anticipate sending one chair and one editor to the call, likely myself (Rob
>> Sanderson) and Gregg Kellogg.
>> >
>> > Our TR-track specs are:
>> >   *
>> >   *
>> >   *
>> >
>> > Many thanks!
>> >
>> > Rob
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