PING - summary of call - 6 June 2019


The minutes of the meeting will shortly be available. I’ll circulate the link shortly. In the meantime, you can see the draft on the Cryptpad here:

Thank you to Peter Winstanley, chair of the W3C Dataset Exchange Working Group for kindly to agree to join our call and provide an overview of the draft version 2 of the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) that the working group is proposing to put forward for Candidate Recommendation.


Key takeaways

1. Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) Version 2


The W3C Dataset Exchange WG has invited wide review. 

DCAT is an RDF vocabulary designed to facilitate interoperability between data catalogs published on the Web. The spec defines the schema and provides examples for its use.

The original DCAT vocabulary was developed and hosted at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), then refined by the eGov Interest Group, and finally standardized in 2014 by the Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group. The revised version of DCAT was developed by the Dataset Exchange Working Group in response to a new set of Use Cases and Requirements gathered from peoples' experience with the DCAT vocabulary from the time of the original version, and new applications that were not considered in the first version. 

General use case: publishers, funders or other originators of data sets generally want others to know that they produced and/or maintain a data set. There is a particular push for this from the academic community. Individuals want to have public recognition of their work.

Some data sets might contain personal data or data that when combined with other data might become “personal data”. Data usage requirements could be specified in the model (see example 33 under data quality).

It’s possible that some individuals might not want their names posted. This is dealt with in the application profile, which is not part of the specification. However, there was a question/idea floated about whether there might be a role for any sort of "centralized facility" for user consent. (If this is worth exploring, the WG would find guidelines or a model helpful feedback.)

The aspiration of the WG (in the future) is to write a primer which would include good practice guidance, including guidance regarding privacy. Here is an obvious place where PING expertise could be helpful.

In the meantime, the WG would appreciate any comments on the draft specification to be posted to

ACTION: Ask for two volunteers to review the specification for privacy considerations and to share with the group. 

Note: Presently, the Security and Privacy Considerations state:

"The DCAT vocabulary supports the attribution of data and metadata to various participants such as resource creators, publishers and other parties or agents via qualified relations, and as such defines terms that may be related to personal information. In addition, it also supports the association of rights and licenses with cataloged Resources and Distributions. These rights and licenses could potentially include or reference sensitive information such as user and asset identifiers as described in [ODRL-VOCAB]. Implementations that produce, maintain, publish or consume such vocabulary terms must take steps to ensure security and privacy considerations are addressed at the application level."

2. Draft blog post on privacy anti-patterns

Consensus to post the text as a blog. Some PING colleagues agreed to help Pete finalise the draft.

Next steps: publication of the blog + consideration of whether, and how, to evolve text into a PING Group Note

3. Continued discussion of how to better improve privacy in existing and future standards

The group is still exploring how to do this.

We will follow-up with AC meetings to encourage greater participation from W3C Members in PING, and continue informal discussion in Slack.

4. WoT specification discussion postponed

5. Next PING call time

To be advised as soon as possible, probably 20 June 2019, depending on scheduling. 

Christine (co-chair)

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