Re: Big PING Ideas

On Montag, 15. April 2019 23:35:46 CEST David Singer wrote:
> > I think that’s exactly the right question to be thinking about: just
> > mitigating against the problems introduced by new features is neither
> > as satisfying nor as productive as exploring how we can improve user
> > privacy on the platform generally.

> Yes.  This is my plea:  Design or Re-design for privacy.  It’s not a
> back-end check by a few PING people.

Privacywise, DNT wasn't a big deal. So far, even that was rejected by the 
major players as it would have some tiny impact on the ad goldrush. And 
now it's legal value is caught in a deadlock between the publishing 
industry and IT corps dominating the current state of play on the Web. 
Most of the industry players do not understand privacy - by - design at 
all and confuse it with fundamentalist data minimization.

Concerning privacy by design, for the moment, I see the clear opposite 

What else would you need for perfect monitoring? Why would I do complex 
fingerprinting if a get all I want on a silver tablet?

Note that this is NOT a W3C specification. 


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