Announcing the new PING Slack

Hello all,
We're pleased to announce that we've created a Slack workspace ( to foster discussion and build our privacy community.

PING members should have received an invitation from me already, via the
email contact address you provided to the W3C. Please let me know if you
did not receive it.
If you're not an official PING member, but are keen to join us, please
email me ( to obtain an invitation.

This public mailing list will certainly remain active -- expect
announcements and group discussions to continue to happen here. The Slack
is more of a supplementary space where we hope to promote informal
discussions and dynamic interaction.

We're just beginning to set this up and are figuring out how best to
structure and manage things. We encourage you all to jump in and build the
space that works for you: make new channels, experiment, provide
suggestions, and, of course, interact with others in our PING community.

Hope to see you there!

Received on Friday, 19 April 2019 20:52:05 UTC