Big PING Ideas

(Separate thread)

At the AC meeting, Jeff challenged us to suggest ideas that would improve privacy on the web, and not just prevent new standards from making it worse.  I think this is a great idea.  Here are some large, partially thought through ideas, that I’d like to suggest for more discussion:

1) Determine all rarely used browser functionality (difficult, but I have ideas!), any for any functionality behind a certain threshold, put it behind a permission prompt and / or block it until there is a user gesture in the frame and / or block access to it from 3p code.

2) Use an APIs similar to Trusted Types (e.g. strings that know they’re different from other strings, or kinda-sorta a facsimile of taint tracking) to prevent values from storage syncs from moving across frame boundaries / network sinks.

3) Flip the script on iframes; define a restrictive default feature-policy on all 3p frames.

4) Add idea of feature policy for scripts, define default restrictive feature policy for scripts, make this the default for sites taking advantage of Y new nice feature (HTTP3 / QUIC, etc.)

Again, I’m sure all partially half-through through, and could use some humbling and taking down a peg, but wanted to start discussion to answer Jeff’s “call”.


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