Inaugural PING Research Talk: Monday 10 September 2018, UTC 16 -- Private Browsing Mode Misconceptions (Yuxi Wu, Miranda Wei)

Please mark your calendars for PING's first research talk! We're delighted
to kick off a series of web privacy talks, where we invite researchers to
discuss their work with the W3C community.

Our presenters will be Yuxi Wu and Miranda Wei (University of Chicago), who
have been investigating how browsers contribute to misconceptions about
what private browsing mode *actually* provides. We may also be joined by
some of their collaborators: Blase Ur, Panya Gupta (University of
Chicago), Yasemin
Acar, and Sascha Fahl (Leibniz University Hannover). This team published
their work at WWW 2018 ( and kindly agreed
to come talk to us about it -- we hope you can join us!

Time: Monday 10 September 2018, UTC 16

(Please note that W3C login credentials will be needed to access WebEx call
details. If you are not able to access this information please contact one
of the PING co-chairs.)

Please also join us on IRC on the #privacy channel:
Username: <your name>
Port: 6667 or 6665
Channel: #privacy

(PING folks: note that this is a special meeting -- we will still have our
usual monthly teleconference on Thursday 13 September 2018, UTC 16.)

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