PING call - Thursday 7 June 2018 - UTC 16


A reminder that our next call is this Thursday 7 June 2018 at UTC 16. 

We have been invited by the WebPlat Chairs and Gamepad Editors to provide a privacy review of the Gamepad API (see:

Comments are requested by 27 June 2018. 

We will be discussing the spec - - on Thursday.

Here is some background information:

Intro: "Some user agents have connected gamepad devices. These devices are desirable and suited to input for gaming applications, and for "10 foot" user interfaces (presentations, media viewers). Currently, the only way for a gamepad to be used as input would be to emulate mouse or keyboard events, however this would lose information and require additional software outside of the user agent to accomplish emulation. Meanwhile, native applications are capable of accessing these devices via system APIs. The Gamepad API provides a solution to this problem by specifying interfaces that allow web applications to directly act on gamepad data.”

Link to the repository for editing drafts and discussion of the spec (and extensions):

Currently, there does not appear to be a security and privacy considerations section in the draft. Here is where we could help. There are a number of open issues, including:

#73 id field in gamepad might have a persistent identifier -

#72 clarifications for getGamepads (incl. what does “interacted with the user mean”) - 
#71 how do connection/disconnection events interact with “device has been interacted with by the user” -

Christine and Tara


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