Re: Review request: changes to CR of DNT (tracking-dnt)

A reminder for public-privacy, that there is a review request for these updates to DNT (tracking-dnt) regarding the API for granting exceptions to a general tracking preference.

> On Sep 12, 2017, at 5:07 AM, Bert Bos <> wrote:
> Hello I18N WG, PING, WS IG, APA WG and Rob,
> [Rob, it would be good to have a review from the Article 29 Working
> Party, too. Are you able to get such a review?]
> The Tracking Protection WG is about to publish an update of the
> Candidate Recommendation "Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)" and
> would like some review of the changes.
> Of course, we welcome reviews of the whole specification, but we're most
> interested in comments on section 6, "User-Granted Exceptions", the only
> section with non-editorial changes.
> That section describes the (JavaScript) API that Web sites can use to
> ask users to consent to tracking. This API has been rewritten from the
> previous CR, with fewer function calls and with JavaScript "Promises" as
> returned values instead of direct results.
> We'd like to publish the new CR as soon as possible, so that DNT is
> ready when the new European regulations for online privacy come into
> force next year. If you could review the section within two weeks that
> would be great!
> A copy of the specification formatted as a Candidate Recommendation is
> available here:
> For the TP WG,
> Bert
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