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And … Ted Guild from the W3C Automotive Working Group and Joshue O’Connor from the Accessibility Guidelines WG, have kindly agreed to join us to give an overview of the vehicle specifications and the updated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, so please join ready to engage in a discussion with them on the privacy considerations.


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Hi all.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call later this week.

We have a number of specifications to consider:

=> An updated Working Draft of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1:

Criteria that may particularly need Privacy review - timeouts

For your convenience, the core text is copied here:

Where data can be lost due to user inactivity, users are warned at the start of a process about the length of inactivity that generates the timeout, unless the data is preserved for a minimum of 24 hours of user inactivity.

Note: Privacy regulations may require explicit user consent before user identification has been authenticated and before user data is preserved. In cases where the user is a minor, explicit consent may not be solicited in most jurisdictions. Consultation with privacy professionals and legal counsel is advised when considering data preservation as an approach to satisfy this success criterion.

=> An updated Wake Lock API (on its way to CR):

Changes include: … support for system wake lock use cases, addressing feedback from the TAG [2], updates to promise handling, changes to clarify state transitions when the device is manually
locked, updates to the security and privacy considerations (including update to self-review questionnaire [3]) and editorial fixes.

=> Vehicle Information Service Specification:

=> Vehicle Information API Specification:

And an item from Nick:

=> ActivityPub:


Plus, ...

=> We’re a bit late, but the Timed Text WG was looking for feedback on Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2):


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Next call: 28th September 2017 9am PT, 12pm ET

WebEx meeting

+1 617-324-0000
meeting number: 648 986 475

Please also join us in IRC in the #privacy room.
Username: <your name>
Port: 6667 or 6665
Channel: #privacy

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