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We will add this to the agenda for the call on Thursday.

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Apologies for bringing this up later than we should, but ActivityPub has had a lot of development recently, including prominent implementation in the Mastodon federated social media system. While earlier review might have been even more useful, I still think it'd be a valuable thing for us to discuss.

There is some privacy/security documentation in the spec already:
A non-normative security considerations sections notes rate-limiting, spam and denial of service attacks, with some potential mitigations.
The spec also includes answers to Mike West's security privacy self-review questionnaire. I think these might not be as germane for this particular spec as it's less a browser-site protocol and more an application layer client-server, server-server system. We could probably use these as the start of describing privacy implications, privacy issues and mitigations. Review might also show what kinds of questions are most relevant when working on a protocol of this type.
The Overview is a very readable description of how the system works. I think ActivityPub is likely to have particular privacy issues related to scope/audience (which actors can read messages that you post, etc.) and in federation (how do servers distribute messages). Abuse reporting might also be an important privacy issue to consider here, both in general as a social media system and particularly how it's handled in the federated environment.

This might be a good topic discussion for our upcoming call on 28 September. In the meantime, if there are other interested folks, it would be great to review the spec, issue-spot and discuss. Messages to this list are of course welcome, or I'm on Mastodon at


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