Request for privacy review - microdata


The microdata spec is now a First Public Working Draft [1] - although 
the technology has been around the whole decade, and is widely deployed 
for search engines... so we expect it to be fairly stable in terms of 
technology, fixing it to reflect reality rather than re-designing it, 
where possible.

I added a basic privacy concerns section [2] in the editor's draft, 
based on going through the "Security and Privacy" questionnaire I found 
first [3]. I have also been working through the questions from the wiki 
[4], and I suspect a little will change, but probably not a lot. There 
is issue 13 for this [5] - currently closed, but if someone thinks it 
needs reopening please say so. In any event, I will make sure any PR 
references the issue to make sure it is recorded in that issue.

Could we please review the spec before July? I can attend the next 
meeting to help talk people through it, but I hope people have a quick 
look too. It is short, and very similar to RDFa Lite - there are some 
attributes you can add to HTML to make data more unambiguously 
machine-parseable, and I *doubt* there are many issues. Which is why I 
am asking others to think through it with a hypercritical eye…








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