PING – informal chairs’ summary – 25 August 2016

PING – informal chairs’ summary –  25 August 2016

Thanks very much to Joe Hall for acting as scribe.

Our next call will be at the Technical Plenary (TPAC), on Tuesday 20
September 2016, starting at 8:30 Lisbon time (UTC+1).

* Wake Lock API privacy considerations

The Wake Lock API Working Draft [1] was presented by Andrey Logvinov, in
order to identify any privacy considerations [2]. Marta Piekarska called
for participation from PING and collected comments on Github [3]; issues
identified included the potential risks of malicious popups, and
cross-device or cross-origin tracking capabilities.

* Fingerprinting Guidance for Web Specification Authors

This document was brought to the IETF IAB Privacy and Security Program for
review; their feedback has not yet been provided. The TAG have provided
additional comments [4], which are quite extensive. Nick Doty would
appreciate PING members’ assistance with these, particularly on how to
apply the document in practice. It may be helpful to test this guidance by
applying it to one of our reviews; it is recommended that we find a
suitable candidate for this purpose.

* Privacy Questionnaire
Christine has volunteered to shepherd our work on the Privacy Questionnaire
[5]. The next step is to identify specific pieces to work on, to make the
task more manageable.

PING is scheduled to meet at TPAC [6] on Tuesday 20 September. Note that we
will be supporting remote participation over IRC and WebEx. The draft
agenda can be found on the mailing list [7].

Christine and Tara


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