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Hi Nat,
> There are many well respected documents that have something very similar in them.
Can you send the links of the mentioned similar documents?
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Sorry, I have not been following the list lately so I am probably missing something, but what is the context around this document? 
There are many well respected documents that have something very similar in them. What are we creating yet another one? 

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Hi Chaals,
Thanks for your edits. It is quite helpful.
I made some further edits based on your proposed changes.
About your embedded questions, we can discuss them during the PING meeting on Tuesday.
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Hi Kepeng, all,
I made a few minor edits, mostly shuffling things that seemed to belong in a different place, or trying to simplify the language.
One of the things I did is change "privacy information" in some places to "private information", and in other places to "privacy-sensitive information".
"privacy information" sounds wrong to me, but I am not sure what a better phrase would be.
Feel free to over-write any of my edits...
15.09.2016, 17:11, "Kepeng Li" <>:

> Hi Christine, Tara and all,


> I just submitted an initial proposal for privacy protection principles:



> I hope we can allocate some time in TPAC PING IG to discuss that, to see

> if it is valuable to continue to work on this subject.


> Thanks and see you in TPAC!


> Kind Regards


> Kepeng Li

> Alibaba

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