PING – informal chairs’ summary – 28 July 2016

PING – informal chairs’ summary –  28 July 2016

Thank you to Andrey Logvinov (Device APIs Working Group) for joining our

Thanks very much to Sam Weiler for acting as scribe.

Our next call will be on 25 August 2016 at the usual time.

* Wake Lock API privacy considerations
The Wake Lock API Working Draft [1] was presented by Andrey Logvinov, in
order to identify any privacy considerations [2]. Considerations under
discussion included how the ability to keep the screen on (through wake
lock) might allow API capabilities to be extended in unexpected ways;
examples raised included whether this might permit surreptitious tracking.
Also there was discussion of whether this might be the type of feature that
is permitted only in secure contexts [3]. Marta Piekarska kindly
volunteered to collect comments from the group; feedback before the end of
August is appreciated.

* Fingerprinting Guidance for Web Specification Authors
Nick Doty made a number of changes to this document [4], including a title
change, further examples, and additional research links. Open issues have
been marked as “pending review” [5], so if those who raised these items
could please review Nick’s changes then they can be closed.

* Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
An item raised by Joe Hall: the EME Editor’s Draft is working its way to
Proposed Recommendation and the group has indicated that the Privacy
section is ready for review [6]. PING members are encouraged to review and
comment as soon as possible.

* Privacy Questionnaire
Christine has volunteered to shepherd our work on the Privacy
Questionnaire, which is now hosted on Github [7]. Expect requests for
contributions to this effort.

* WebRTC
Stefan Håkansson from WebRTC has responded to the earlier PING comments,
having left two comments and two open questions for us to take a look at:
issues #687-690 [8]. Mike O’Neill volunteered to review these items.

PING is scheduled to meet at TPAC [9] on Tuesday 20 September. Hope to see
many of you there - please remember to register (before 2 September). Note
that we will be supporting remote participation. We will be getting the
agenda together shortly so please provide your suggestions for agenda items.

* Teleconference call scheduling
We have had a request, revived at the IETF face-to-face meeting [10], to
adjust the time of our monthly call to make it easier for those in Asia to
participate. After some discussion it was proposed that we could try moving
the call earlier by two hours. We will not make this change without asking
for member feedback on the mailing list first. Note that the face-to-face
also proposed some interesting suggestions for things we could try in our
PING calls, including a bi-monthly call to share information on privacy
issues or to have guest research seminars.


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