PING Privacy Questionaire now on Github!

Hi all,

So the old version
<> of the PING
Privacy Questionnaire was hosted on MediaWiki. As an experiment to increase
engagement, I have moved the questionnaire over to Github:

Took a bit longer than planned due to CDT's office move, but we're settled
in now. If needed, we can move it over to the W3C rather than my profile -
I don't intend to be some sort of gatekeeper, though I hope we can chat on
the list about any pull requests.

(I also edited in Vim so I probably should go through and give it a
spelling/grammar check - please feel to point out any errors you spot)

Greg Norcie (
Staff Technologist
Center for Democracy & Technology
District of Columbia office
(p) 202-637-9800

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more at <>*

Received on Thursday, 4 February 2016 20:47:39 UTC