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[for info] JPEG privacy and security workshop

From: Christine Runnegar <runnegar@isoc.org>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 13:01:00 +0000
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Hi all.

Ambarish S Natu requested that I share a call for participation in the JPEG Privacy & Security Workshop in Brussels on 13 October 2015, organised by the JPEG committee, on this list.

Note (from the JPEG committee website): “...the JPEG Committee has launched a new activity called JPEG Privacy & Security. This activity aims at developing a standard for realizing secure image information sharing which is capable of ensuring privacy, maintaining data integrity, and protecting intellectual property rights. This activity is not only intended to protect private information carried by images - in the image itself or the associated metadata - but also to provide degrees of trust while sharing image content and metadata based on individual preferences. It is necessary to extend the existing coding standards by adding such preferences. JPEG Privacy & Security will explore ways on how to design and implement the necessary functionality without significantly impacting on coding performance while ensuring scalability, interoperability, and forward and backward compatibility with current JPEG standard frameworks. ..."

More details about the workshop:


More details about the JPEG committee:


Christine (PING co-chair)
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