Re: DOJ asks Google to back off on https

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Le 30 janv. 2015 à 05:21, Rigo Wenning <> a écrit :
> The ghost of "zones of lawlessness" is haunting again. It is a mantra of 
> politicians and law enforcement people meaning the Internet is bad and must be 
> under the control of government.

Much agreed. My brain is full of lawlessness, my private physical space is full of lawlessness, my public physical space of full lawlessness. I'm pretty sure these politicians never ever commit any crimes or let's say have misconduct such as crossing the street at the wrong time, etc. It's also a speech which has been here since the beginning of the public Internet. It brings back memories of politicians in France 20 years ago. Rigo will remember. 

So yes, this is clearly strawman weaving to distract from the real issues. 

Karl Dubost 🐄

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