Re: On the european response to Snowden


Governments work on principles at OECD and in such dialogs as the High 
Level Group all the time.  The question is whether principles are 
sufficient at this point to establish the needed foundation for progress 
on these issues.  Principles are in many cases the best approach as they 
provide the flexibility of application that allows for technology and 
other developments that make detailed regulations obsolete in short order.

On 1/27/2015 6:29 AM, David Singer wrote:
> Ambarish, Mathias,
> the W3C writes voluntary specifications: protocols, formats, and so on. Mike implied that it could help by defining some protocols and standards. I’m missing in your responses what protocols the W3C could work on.  Did you have ideas?
> I have no doubt that governments and so on can work on the principles, but principles are a poor fit for a technical standards group.
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