Re: indicating 'private browsing mode' over the net (was Re: Super Cookies in Privacy Browsing mode)

Joe Hall schreef op 2015-01-26 19:38:
>> c) it recognizes that privacy is not a binary state — it’s not an 
>> either-or (you have it or you don’t); it’s a spectrum, and it’s about 
>> perception and control and exposure as much as it is about recording 
>> and so on.
> Forgive me again... are you saying that by being able to have as many
> persona as I can keep track of that I'm "articulating" (a social
> science term of art, sorry) different aspects of my being that I'd
> rather servers not link together? That is rather interesting. For
> example, you could have a persona for activities that you want privacy
> of a certain level (say me looking at job candidate websites online)
> and another persona for activities of a higher level (say, if I'm
> looking at content online that I'd rather not have linked to my
> not-so-private self)?
> thanks again, Joe

Joe, David,
If I am not mistaken, Joe's description opens up a possible 
implementation of contextual integrity [Nissenbaum].


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