W3C Workshop on Privacy and User–Centric Controls 20–21 November 2014 Berlin


The W3C is holding a workshop on Privacy and User-Centric Controls in Berlin (20-21 November 2014).

We encourage you to participate.

The workshop co-chairs are Matthias Schunter (Intel) and Frederick Hirsch (Nokia).

=> Workshop goals

- to further the discussion among stakeholders of the mobile web platform, including researchers, developers and service providers
- to investigate strategies toward better privacy protection on the Web that are effective and lead to benefits in the near term
- discussing basic privacy UI features that will, on the long run, create a user experience that loops in with user expectations 

=> How to Participate

Participation is free but requires either an expression of interest or a longer position paper. W3C membership is not required to participate in this workshop.

Please send expressions of interest and position papers to team-privacyws-submit@w3.org.

The Workshop Program Committee will review the submissions to determine who to invite to attend the workshop, and who will be asked to give presentations or appear on panel sessions, etc. There is likely to be a limit for how many people can attend from each organization given the size of the workshop venue.

Note: Expressions of interest and position papers are due 31 October. 

=> For more information, please go to http://www.w3.org/2014/privacyws/Overview.html

Please contact Rigo Wenning (rigo@w3.org) if you have any questions.


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