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Hei Chairs.

Please find URL to the output announcement from last Friday's EDPS iPEN Privacy Engineering Workshop. While a press release, the document provides URL to agenda, speaker list and some background the purpose for European Data Protection Supervisor office creating this initiative.

Also attached is the Nokia white paper presented to the Workshop.

The attendees represented about 30+ DPS, academic, consumer advocate and industry members. There was considerable discussions about the need for privacy engineering. On the practical side, Hannes Tschofenig/ARM provided a presentation on IETF "Privacy Considerations" efforts. Florian Stahl and Stefan Burgmair/msg systems presented a brief presentation on the results of their OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks. Stéphane Petitcolas/CNIL research laboratory presented a project where they evaluate the excessive collection and transfer of personal data by mobile apps in the iOS environment.

The value of the workshop has to be based on a participant suspending judgement on any immediate return-on-investment. The workshop validated interest in Privacy Engineering topics but did not provide sufficient guidance on what privacy engineering actually involved other than the IETF and Nokia presentations.


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Hi all.

Would anyone like to give a report out from the EDPS Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) workshop held on 26 September 2014 in Berlin on the call today or via this email list?


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