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Hi Prateek,

Rigo can probably give you an update on the current status on any W3C work in this area, and it might be worth pinging Mary Rundle to see if her work on privacy icons found a home…

In the meantime, Aza Raskin’s straw-man designs for Mozilla are a pretty good alternative to starting something from scratch:

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On 8 Aug 2014, at 20:05, Prateek Mishra <> wrote:

> Greetings  - Privacy Gurus,
> I have been approached by a customer/colleague who is creating a public website that does
> not participate in cross-site user tracking or re-sale of any customer information to third-parties. A certain
> amount of device/browser fingerprint data is collected by the website, primarily to improve the quality of the
> authentication process. Cookies are only used to track a user session and are removed at logout.
> They would like
> to display a well-known privacy mark (or template) that would indicate that they follow such practices.
> Is there a relevant template/mark that has found use in some communities?
> Thanks,
> prateek

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