RE: Canvas fingerprinting

If the response to canvas and other forms of fingerprinting is an arms-race
with browsers and their extensions, the web will turned into a war zone and
be ruined for everybody.

This is why we need a meaningful DNT that people trust.


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> Subject: Canvas fingerprinting
> There was a lot of discussion around canvas and whether it was the right
> choice. It may also be the right choice for browser to give users the
> option to turn all those nice new features off if they do not want to be
> spied upon. To what extend do browsers trust the origin? I think we are
> in a field with lots of shades of gray.
> Otherwise we are left surfing the Web with Amaya if we want privacy.
> Amaya knows no cookies, no javascript, no canvas. This can turn into an
> advantage..
>  --Rigo

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