Face-to-face meeting on Tracking Protection: September 21-22

Hello all,

To kickstart standardization work on Do Not Track, we've scheduled the first
face-to-face meeting for the Tracking Protection Working Group (in final
stages of approval) for September 21st and 22nd at MIT in Cambridge,
Massachusetts. We encourage all those planning to participate in the
Tracking Protection Working Group to attend.

(While we included this in the public version of the charter last month, I
apologize for not highlighting this scheduled meeting earlier on this
mailing list.)

We will post an agenda and final venue details next week, but we expect the
meeting to run from 9am on Wednesday the 21st until 3pm on the 22nd. Exact
topics for discussion are up to the group, but we'd like to discuss input
documents and try to flush out initial issues to address in a first public
working draft. Please think about input documents you'd like the group to

For those who can't attend the September meeting in person, we will try to
enable IRC and telephone participation. The next face-to-face is planned for
TPAC during the week of October 31st - November 4th in Santa Clara,

If you're currently working out whether and how to participate in the group
and have any questions, we're happy to discuss via email or a quick phone
call; please feel free to contact me off list.


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