Re: Tracking Protection Working Group draft charter

Hi Nick,

I took a look at this and I have a few comments/questions.

Section 1:

"The Working Group will produce Recommendation-track specifications for a simple machine-readable preference expression mechanism ("Do Not Track") and technologies for selectively allowing or blocking tracking elements.

Proposed candidate technologies for this preference that the Working Group will consider include, but are not limited to, the use of an HTTP header to signal the preference and a site's response, and the use of a ECMAScript API or DOM property for the same purpose."

Are there no proposed candidate technologies for "selectively allowing or blocking tracking elements"? I find the transition from the first paragraph to the second a bit confusing; the first paragraph seems to talk about two specs (preference mechanisms and selecting blocking mechanism), but the second paragraph only addresses one of those.

Section 1.2:

Might be good to explain the relationship between the output of this group and the P3P specs.

Section 2:

"Tracking Preference Expression Definitions and Compliance, Recommendation.
This specification defines the meaning of a Do Not Track preference and sets out practices for Web sites to comply with this preference."

Will the definitions/compliance item be normative? That is, will the practices it "sets out" be mandatory to implement (for some population of web endpoints)?


On Jul 12, 2011, at 11:58 PM, Nick Doty wrote:

> Following up on the Princeton workshop [1] and widespread interest from both industry and regulators [2] in standardizing Do Not Track technologies, we're proposing a Tracking Protection Working Group, with a draft charter now available.
> Feedback from the public (and this list in particular) would be most helpful.
> Next steps will be to send the charter to the W3C Advisory Committee for review. After that step and approval from the Director, we expect the group to form and work to begin by the end of August.
> Discussion is welcome on this list; if you wish to send comments offline, please contact me <> and Thomas Roessler <>.
> Thanks,
> Nick
> [1]
> [2]

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