Re: Collusion - Visualize your tracking

* Karl Dubost wrote:
>An add-on for firefox, I wonder how hard it would be to make it 
>a bit more universal by using more neutral JS than some specific 
>Firefox features. The code is not that big, so many that would 
>be doable to port it for Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

An extension such as this would require the ability to observe the
requests the browser makes. Internet Explorer and Firefox allow it,
but as far as I am aware Opera does not. You could try to go at it
indirectly, like checking for certain JavaScript objects, but that
is a lot of work and unreliable. Well, if you could hook into the
debugger API then maybe, but I am not aware that's possible.

I'd probably have made a tool for this if it was easy, but lately
I've been more interested in learning what the trackers actually
find reasonable to access, which largely requires tracing all the
API calls, which turns out to require modifying the JavaScript im-
plementation, which isn't very pretty with the few implementations
where that is possible at all; I did that, but have since run out
of drive space to prepare patches or results...
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