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In Google: FTC Settlement Over Buzz Includes 20 Year Oversight

Google has reached a settlement with the Federal 
Trade Commission over Buzz, a social blogging 
service that the company introduced through Gmail 
last year.
As part of the deal, Google will be subjected to 
regular, independent privacy audits for the next 
20 years. 

On Thu, 31 Mar 2011 16:40:02 GMT
In Creepy app warns of an end to privacy ˇ˛| thinq_

"The purpose in creating Creepy was twofold," 
Kakavas explained. "First, to try and raise 
awareness about privacy in social networking 
platforms. I wanted to stress how 'easy' it is to 
aggregate all the seemingly small and innocent 
pieces of data people are sharing into a 'larger 
picture' that potentially gives away information 
that users wouldn't think of sharing. For example, 
where do they live, where do they work, where and 
at what times they are hanging out, when they are 
not at home et cetera. I think that sometimes it 
is worth 'scaring' people into being more careful 
on how much they share 

In Advertisers and Publishers Adopt and Implement Do Not Track ˇ˛| The Mozilla Blog

The Associated Press (AP) is the first company to deploy DNT on a large scale, and it only took a few hours for one engineer to implement. The AP News Registry tracks 1 billion impressions of news content, with 175 million unique visitors per month, and has membership with more than 800 sites. When consumers send a DNT preference via the browser while viewing a story at one of its publisher’s sites, the AP News Registry no longer sets any cookies. 

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