Re: Customer requirement, a critque

> A strength of XML has been that non-programmers can do some
> sophisticated text processing with it.

I'd be interested to see how any non programmer creates XSL-FO objects.

> You can always come up with things a given system can't handle, of
> course. The idea is to make system that can handle all of the essential
> needs of most or all of the users, and enough of the inessential needs
> of those users to make them a little happier. It's not to satisfy every
> fantasy :)

Sure. I fully agree. The listing on the wiki is not fantasy though. The points I've written down happened to me in my rather short period of time of being a database publishing person.

I could continue this list, but there is no point since the problem class of other non listed items is the same as those listed on the page.



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