Re: Customer requirement #1: Decrease font size

On 23 February 2013 13:42, Arved Sandstrom <> wrote:
> Myself I hadn't thought that what we're talking about for formatting
> feedback needs to be handled only (or at all) with formatting objects in
> XML.
> It seems to me that for the larger formatting problem, that implementation
> requirements could be a mix of support for XML-based FO and also for
> programmatic access (various language APIs). This would all still be
> specification stuff.

Example please Arved.
1. What you want to achieve by provision of such an api
2. How the user (stylesheet writer) uses such an API
3. How that api interacts with the formatter please.
4. How the API is 'reached' from an xsl-fo stylesheet?

I can't see what you're getting at?


Dave Pawson
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