Re: Prerequisites for modifying XSL 2.0 spec or producing API

On Tue, February 12, 2013 4:45 pm, Patrick Gundlach wrote:
>> +1  We need to put forward user requirements (as clean requirements /
>> use case)
> I've started this:
> but I am not a good wiki-person, you can do whatever you want to (rename,
> move, ...)

It was fine, Betty has since added to it, and there's room for more, but I
turned it into a table to add a column of references to existing verbiage
about each requirement, if any exists.  Upon reflection, that may have
been better done as sub-lists, but we'll see.

I added the column so we don't reinvent too many wheels (or, when somebody
says we previously specified a square wheel, we can all know what's being
talked about).



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