Re: Other paged media processing approach - summary

Am 11.02.2013 17:02, schrieb Dave Pawson:
> On 11 February 2013 13:38, Marko Hedler <> wrote:
>> Dynamic processing is well known by "old style" publishing systems like
>> xyvision, app(3b2) etc.
>> e.g. app(3b2) provides a bunch of variables accessible during the rendering
>> process.
>> The problem with FO is,
> We know the problems, do you have suggestions for improvement to the rec?
As far as I can overlook the problem, a lot of important information is 
already contained in the area tree.
I am not sure if the rec says anything about at witch particular time a 
rederer must output an area tree (or must output an area tree at all). I 
was thinking of a page by page area tree.


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