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> Slides for my XSL-FO 2.0 talk at XML Prague 2010, available at
>, show how the
> requirements for XSL-FO would (radically) change the processing model for
> XSL-FO to incorporate much more feedback.

Thanks Tony.

If the wiki is available I'll post it there. Otherwise, summary of this thread.

Formatter feedback.

1. Ken Holman.  Fit this (block id) into this (area) space using:
   Prioritized list of variable parameters. (E.g. reduce font/
   reduce line spacing ....)

   Collated in
   section 4.11 (I believe this is open to the public)

2. David Carlisle. Better (than what?) ToC and Page reference feedback.
   DP: Provide page number of last page containing content.

3. Patrick Gundlach. 9.41 8 Feb
   I believe this to be a variant of Ken Holman ideas?
put text onto virtual page
 if height(virtual page) < remaining space on this page then
   put page into pdf
   retypeset the virtual page with a smaller font
   goto start
put virtual page into pdf

4. Liam Quin. Making one object the same width or height as another,
asking whether a piece of text (as) fits in a given space so as to
give alternate content (which we did discuss), and accessing font
metrics for positioning all come to mind.

DP. I like the idea of 'fit this block', if it doesn't fit (with or
without parameters) then 'fit this other' block.

5. From the 2.0 WD
    Line number within a page
    Page based footnote numbering

Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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