Final Acts

Hi everyone,

I know it may seem odd but several POWDER-related things happened yesterday.

As A/C reps on this list know, the WG was formally closed - but not 
before the PICS Recommendations had been marked as superseded (it took 
me a good half a day to get all those pieces in place on Friday!)

Also, by coincidence yesterday, the Quatro Plus project final review 
took place in Luxembourg - the completion of POWDER being a major 
contributor to the project's overall status as successful.

The old WG homepage is now locked [1], the new look 'current status 
page' is, well, up to date [2] and the PICS pages are suitably flagged [3].

The wrap things up I've just made a final entry in the WG's blog as well 
[4]. This includes a long list of thank yous. If I left someone off, 
please tell me while I still have edit rights!

OK... can we get on with something else now?




Phil Archer

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Received on Wednesday, 25 November 2009 10:48:49 UTC