Re: XML Core comment on POWDER


Just a note to thank you and the XML Core WG for taking the time to look 
into this. Yes, the + -> space issue has already been corrected but we 
very much appreciate you confirming that this was the right thing to do.



Grosso, Paul wrote:
> The XML Core WG has reviewed section 2.1.3 of the POWDER spec at
> and has no issues that concern us there.
> However, one of the canonicalization rules of the algorithm says 
> "+ characters in the query string are converted to spaces".  This 
> rule transforms a valid IRI into an invalid one, as valid IRIs may 
> not contain spaces.  
> We understand [1] that this issue may already be addressed in 
> the next draft, but we wanted to register this comment for
> completeness.
> paul
> Paul Grosso for the XML Core WG
> [1]


Phil Archer

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