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>> If the Path is absent, a path of / is appended.
> What should that mean for schemes like tel, mailto or urn?

Section 2.1 begins: "The syntax of an IRI, as defined in RFC 3987 
[IRIS], provides a generic framework for identification schemes that 
goes beyond what is demanded by the POWDER use cases [USECASES]. We 
therefore limit our work to IRIs with the syntax: 

As you've noted, most of the Grouping of Resources document focusses on 
HTTP IRIs. However, dig a little deeper and you'll come across 
POWDER-BASE. In this dialect, there are only two possible IRI 
constraints: matchesregex and notmatchesregex. Transformations from 
POWDER to POWDER-BASE render constraints such as includehosts as regular 

Then in Section 3 we set out an extension mechanism: "...there is no 
fundamental reason to constrain the domain of POWDER descriptions to 
HTTP IRIs, so there should not be unnecessary constraints on how the 
protocol works. In other words, the domain of grouping extensions does 
not need to be HTTP IRIs, but may be any kind of IRIs. As an example, in 
Section 3.3 we show such an extension for ISAN numbers."

So /any/ URI scheme can be the basis of an IRI set - you would just need 
to define an appropriate element set which could then be transformed 
programmatically into matchesregex and notmatchesegex.

  And why does "Path" start with a capital?

Absolutely no reason whatsoever! It's a typo that will be corrected.

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