I don't believe dcterms:issued is a problem, as it is an rdf:Property so
OWL semantics is not pertinent.

We would have had problems with wdrs:issuedby because it would have had
to be an owl:ObjectProperty in order to have a range involving
an owl:unionOf construct.

We can leave in *single* rdf:range triples of rdf:Properties.


On Tue Oct  7 17:54:24 2008 Andrea Perego said:

> +1 from me either.
> A further note: this applies to all the POWDER-S properties used in the  
> attribution (i.e., wdrs:validFrom, wdrs:validUntil, dcterms:issued).  
> Another consequence is that we cannot use dcterms:issued, since in [1]  
> it is defined as a subproperty of both dc:date and dcterms:date, and  
> also its range is defined (RDFS Literal).
> This means that we have to define a new property: wdrs:issued
> Andrea

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