Grouping experience -> tiny change needed

I've had an e-mail exchange over the last 24 hours that has thrown up a 
slight problem with the grouping doc - but it's easily fixed.

Thinking only in terms of POWDER-S and the matchesregex property, we 
should be able to match against*/creator  which 
would give a match for DC creator whether the old or new namespace were 
used. In general, we should be able to match against so that we can spot properties in a given 

Sounds easy enough and using the tool at [1] the DC creator one works 
just fine [2, 3] but the doesn't - or rather, didn't 
until I fixed it. In dropping support for IRI set definition in terms of 
user info and fragment identifiers we took it out of the processing 
model too.

In the grouping doc we quote what we lovingly call Rabin's reg ex [4] 
but actually it isn't - we stripped out the parts that capture user info 
and fragment. Consequently, when my test tool takes a URI and splits it 
up using the given reg ex it /cannot/ match an IRI that has those 

The fix is simple enough - we just need to quote and use the full 
Rabin's Reg Ex but say that we don't provide POWDER elements to directly 
address those components.

Not a big task but a good catch before we go to LC. With the fix in 
place, the example works [5]

I'm editing that doc today and should have it to the group a little later.







Received on Friday, 18 July 2008 10:07:28 UTC