Re: Link Header draft

Thanks for the pointer Anne - we probably will do that. Even so, Profile 
has the advantage of anchoring a rel type in a namespace more strongly 
than a wiki so I'm not sure that one obviates the need for the other 


Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:03:38 +0200, Phil Archer <> wrote:
>> In brief: the Protocol for Web Description Resources is about 
>> providing small amounts of metadata about a lot of resources for use 
>> cases ranging from trustmarks through child protection to licensing. 
>> Such descriptions are as applicable to things like images and movies 
>> as they are HTML documents - hence the need for an HTTP-based linking 
>> mechanism and the availability of something very much like HTML 
>> Profile so we can define what rel="powder" means. (As an aside, we'll 
>> be arguing for the retention of Profile which seems to be under threat 
>> at the moment in HTML 5 & XHTML 2 but that's a different matter).
> Why not simply register "powder" as a rel-value? Using profile for that 
> only makes it more complicated for authors and processing software.
> (The WHATWG has put up a wiki page where you can register a rel value 
> as experiment.)
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