Re: Aligning grouping of resources in POWDER and WAF Access Control.

Phil Archer wrote:
> We took the view that, with few exceptions, if you own, you 
> have complete control over too.

Right, that was my view exactly.

> It means that, in the POWDER world, you could publish a description of 
> "com" - i.e. everything on .com. It may be pretty meaningless, but, 
> well, when did language stop people saying meaningless things? :-)

I don't think this is a problem for access-control, it just means that 
the author can target very wide audiences. But that's nothing new since 
he/she can already target <*>

> It's tempting to try and add restrictions such as requiring at least a 
> 2nd level domain. This might have the desired effect for .com, .org etc, 
> but falls down in places where third level domains are the norm (, 
>, etc.)

FWIW, i think UAs today keep lists of such two-level TLDs. I know 
mozilla does. It is useful in a number of circumstances.

/ Jonas

Received on Thursday, 26 July 2007 05:42:33 UTC