Re: clarity of examples Re: Comments on Grouping of Resources

Quick note on this.

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

> Perhaps we should also note that
>  <wdr:includeHosts></wdr:includeHosts>
>  <wdr:excludeHosts></wdr:excludeHosts>
> Is what you need unless you want to implicitly include anything in a 
> subdomain. Note that there are coordination discussions on this topic 
> with the WAF group, and there is a precedent in P3P, so alignment here 
> is an ongoing pursuit.

The agreement reached with the WAF group on the relevant public lists 
and now being written up by them and us is that you should include a * 
character, so your example, Charles, would be

[] a wdr:ResourceSet;
    wdr:includeHosts "";
    wdr:excludeHosts "*";

i.e. implies AND ALL its subdomains.

* just means the subdomains of but not itself.

(Actually, we should probably take a formal resolution in the POWDER WG 
to do this but it'll come up when we discuss the next iteration of the 
Resource Grouping doc)


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