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new core data model posted

From: Raj Singh <rsingh@opengeospatial.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 18:30:36 +0800
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new version of the core data model (version 5) posted:

This doesn't change anything if you've been writing sample POIs. It's all internal changes to make the model more elegant. This is hopefully a "feature freeze" version before the next draft publication.

The classes have been modularized a little more to allow for a new time type, and the "POIControlledVocabularyType" has been change to "POITermType"to make the name easier to say (the phrase controlled vocabulary is still useful when defining what this is). 

Also, "Abstract" has been taken out of some type names as I found the right way to specify that a class is abstract in UML2 is just to italicize the name.

And finally, the big addition is a POITimeType, which allows for specially named times to be added to <pois>, <poi> and <location>. The names we have now are "start" and "end". The administrative time types of "updated", "created", and "deleted" are still in the POIBaseType.


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