AR Standards Discussion Mailing List


I wish to inform those on this list that interesting discussions on 
Augmented Reality topics have begun on the mailing list found here:

This is an open (and archived) mailing list for anyone interested in 
activities--both within standards groups and in the "wild" --towards the 
goal of open and interoperable AR content and platforms. The discussions 
touch on wide range of issues from software architectures for Mixed 
Reality and AR to hardware/eyewear  for hands-free AR experiences.

The participants/delegates planning to participate in the upcoming AR 
Standards meeting <> 
will be discussing the meeting agenda over on 
<> so as not to interfere with the focus of 
the W3C POI WG activities.

There's no membership requirement.

It is the "companion" communications channel to the web site where you will find resources developed by and for 
the community.

Your attention and contributions welcome!  Readyou soon!


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