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POI September Face-to-Face agenda and guest invitations

From: Alex Hill <ahill@gatech.edu>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 18:22:11 -0400
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Dear list members,
In preparation for the upcoming POI Working Group face-to-face meeting in September, we seek feedback on agenda topics and invitations to guests attending the co-located OGC TC/PC meeting.
Some likely agenda topics include:

The core draft seeks to leverage the popularity of URL-based identifiers, but there also a definite desire to describe multiple POI's in the same document.
We seek input from persons with expertise in the identifier area to give guidance on the strengths, weaknesses and standards compliance of this mixed approach.

We have identified the basic elements of POIs, but are discussing ways to use links to either provide properties indirectly, provide authority for serialized properties and/or allow facile linking of other media types (i.e. 2D and 3D content).
We seek input from persons knowledgable about HTML5 and other meta-data and link initiatives to inform proposed hybrids between inline elements and indirect links to core POI content.

We are looking to combine our current POI core (which includes points, boxes, polygons, etc.) with proposals for using meta-data describing the location of web content (i.e. IETF).
The core proposal also seeks to incorporate relative references to other frames of reference (i.e. other POIS, "Locations" or CRS).
We seek expertise in the development of location-based markup and their relationship to documents and meta-data standards.

We have proposed to adopt OGC standards in this area, but simple geometric shapes may not scale well to more complex shapes like buildings (i.e AR-like usage of POI).
We seek input from persons familiar with CityGML and similar efforts that seek to bridge the gap between simple (GeoRSS) and complex (X3D) geometry descriptions.

Thank you,

Alex Hill Ph.D.

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