Re: [pointerevents] Order of pointerover/enter/move and corresponding mouse events is different on browsers (#454)

The spec deliberately leaves out a direct mapping between pointer/mouse pointers for over/enter/out/leave events because the compat mouseover/enter/out/leave events must appear consistent to a mouse-events based app (that doesn't listen to Pointer Events) _even when_ we have simultaneous primary pointers of different types ("mouse", "touch" and "pen").  The core requirement here is that the compat event sequence must consistently represent the movement of a **single legacy mouse** when multiple pointer-types are active at the same time.  Let's look closely at an example.

Consider a mouse-press on button A followed by a touch-down a button B, before neither the mouse nor the touch is released.  If we ignore the compat mouse events for a moment, the outcome is obvious:
- the first action would fire `pointerover`, `pointerenter` and `pointerdown` at A with `pointerType="mouse"`, and
- the second action would fire `pointerover`, `pointerenter` and `pointerdown` at B with `pointerType="touch"`. 

Now the compat mouse events seen by buttons A and B must include the transition of a single legacy mouse pointer from A to B before the second action, so:
- the first action would fire `mouseover`, `mouseenter` and `mousedown` at A, and
- the second action would fire `mouseout` and `mouseleave` at A, followed by `mouseover`, `mouseenter` and `mousedown` at B. 

[Section 11.1]( was added to clarify this idea but the discussion in this issue suggests that a textual description is not enough to explain the complexity here!  Perhaps we need to add an example with a diagram?

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